Sam Stutts (Director)

Sam has been called by God with a mandate to carry the name of Jesus Christ to the nations.  This call came to him while he was in college in Virginia.  From the time of this call he has served The Lord as a youth pastor, church planter, Christian radio station manager, and now missionary.  His greatest desire is from Matthew 28:18-20 when Jesus said to go into all the world and preach The Gospel to every person baptizing them in the name of the Father, and Son, and Holy Spirit.  He believes that we should go and preach His Name as the God of the universe, Jesus as the only way to get to our Father, and that The Holy Spirit comes and helps and empowers us to proclaim His message and walk in victory on a daily basis.  "So many around the world have never had the opportunity to hear the truth about Jesus even one time.  We must go and share His Love and that His Way is better than anything we could have ever imagined," says Sam.  Sam looks forward to all that God is going to do through this ministry.

Kristy McSwain (Office Manager)

Kristy McSwain- Website Pic.jpg

Kristy McSwain is a native of Cleveland County and is humbled to be a part of what God is doing at Hands on Missions. After a battle with cancer in 2012, God used that experience to draw her closer and put a promise in her heart that her journey would be used for His glory! She felt the calling on her life to be a missionary and is now with Hands on Missions as office manager and loves participating in local and national mission trips. She has an Associate’s Degree in both Office Administration and Photography and is looking forward to how God can use her administrative and photography background for the Lord.

Rita Scism


Rita is the director of Laura's Homes of North Carolina.  Laura's Homes originally was formed after Rita went with Hands On Missions to Malawi, Africa and God spoke to her about starting an orphanage.  She did not realize at the time that God would use her to serve children right here in Cleveland County, NC.  God continues to use her to touch lives each and every day with the love of Jesus Christ.