Led of The Spirit by Sam Stutts

Luke 4:1- "Then Jesus being filled with the Holy Spirit, returned from the Jordan and was led by the Spirit into the wilderness."  I have never met a Christian that did not want to be led of the Spirit.  If you ask nearly anyone in a Christian church in America they would say that they desire to be led by God.  But in this passage of scripture we see Jesus being led by the Spirit into the wilderness.  Now I don't know about you but if someone asked me if I wanted to go to a very hot, dry, lonely place, I would not directly say, 'Oh Yes I want to go there!'  Our human flesh always desires the beach, the cool mountain top, or a nice quiet place free from trouble.  But that's not where the Spirit led Jesus.  The Holy Spirit wanted Jesus to go to the wilderness because that is where Jesus would resist and defeat Satan during this battle.  This would help to prepare Jesus for many other battles He would face during His life on earth.  The same is true for us today.  We go to church on Sunday and say, "Lord use me, lead me, I want to follow You."  And then He leads us to a place that is difficult or hard, filled with temptation or persecution, and we begin to doubt and say, 'Lord what are you doing? Why is this so hard? I don't think I can do it.'  All the while God is saying, "if you would just stay in My Word and learn to trust Me I will use this challenge to make you stronger than ever before."  God wants to use all of us, but we must allow Him to lead us to places of wilderness, where there is no one else that can help us, no one else that can provide for us.  Then we begin to look to Him alone, finding out how strong He is.  God has so much in store for us but we must be willing to follow Him into difficult places.  Places our human flesh would never choose.  God may be calling you to something you are afraid to do, but if you will only learn to trust Him, you will experience victories over the darkness, and then you will develop spiritual muscle.  Later, like Jesus, The Spirit will lead you to greater things and you will find yourself walking above things that use to trip you up.  Later in this chapter, we see Jesus get up and preach one of His most powerful messages, right after the wilderness.  He wants to do the same with your life.  He wants to use your wilderness to tell others of His Great Love.  Be Led of The Spirit Today.  God Bless You!

Sam Stutts
Director, Hands On Missions