Curse My Birth, But Not My New Birth

We celebrate the arrival of a newborn into our families. The full gestation period for most children involves a nine month pregnancy for the mother. From the moment of inception, the appointed time of birth and the introduction of a child into this world brings about great anticipation . I have enjoyed the rewards of parenting our two daughters . Ooh by the way, the parenting responsibility never ends; just as the honoring of children toward their parents never ceases. The reality that occurs as the result of birth brings also the evil and results of the sin nature which every person born inherits. We all can relate to the struggles to exist in a scarred/sin cursed environment. Life brings about tremendous struggles at times. The sickness and pains these mortal bodies experience bring grief and anguish. We pick up the passage in Job 3 now and experience some of these realities in the account,

Scripture records that “Job opened his mouth and cursed the day of his birth” (Job 3:1). Now before we can express criticism upon Job, i would suggest that many of us would have grumbled long before Job. There is a fiery tone recorded here in this passage of scripture. We will see throughout this study that Job curses many things but never curses our Lord. Reflect for a moment. My birthday is soon to arrive this month. Some plans are being made now to celebrate the occasion. In our passage of scripture, Job curses his birthday, day of conception; and even the truth that he was to be born as a male child. The dialog continues throughout chapter three, but we realize that Job never forfeits his integrity. When we experience the trials of life, it should behoove us to remember that our God is greater than our circumstances. There is described a great darkness in chapter three by Job.

You may know of an individual that is faced with the darkness of circumstances. They feel isolated from the surroundings about them. Depression is often described similar to the words as expressed by Job. But I believe it is important to recognize what this passage of scripture is also expressing. Look closely into verses eleven through twenty six. All of these verses address our inability to help ourselves. Our dependency and existence is controlled by someone else. The curse of sin has incorporated similar results. We are helpless within our natural condition of sin. The curse of sin has infiltrated into every aspect of humanity. It has deprived us of even simple reasoning. I like what J. I. Packer states in his book entitled Concise Theology. Total depravity declares that “no part of us is untouched by sin, and therefore no action of ours is as good as it should be, and consequently nothing in us or about us ever appears meritorious in God’s eyes”. (p. 84). Having shared this; it should create a great humility among the Christian that God orchestrated and implements all of the salvation process for humanity.

Our new birth includes all of the promises which God has stated in His word. Our new birth is grounded in the hope which provides assurance that God will fulfill all things. The new birth of a believer creates great celebration in the heavenlies and around the throne of God (Luke 15:7). Our circumstances may not be joyful here in these mortal bodies, but a new body will be adorned upon every believer either by death of the grave or the resurrected church is called home. Grace and peace.