Lviv, Ukraine

Missionary: Juliana Krupin MEDICAL MISSIONS

Juliana Krupin.jpg

 The city of Lviv has a population of 730,000. Many of these people live in the slums of the outlying areas of this large city in the Ukraine. It is here where missionary Juliana Krupin serves these people as a physican assistant. Her passion is to help the slum population receive adequate medical care. Hands on Missions has sent medical teams in the 21st century to this group of people providing doctors and nurses on short term mission trips. Again in 2020, Hands on Missions is planning to organize another medical mission to assist these people and share the Gospel. This trip will occur in the Summer months of 2020. Your participation is needed to care for these needy people. If you work in the medical profession or you have a passion to share God’s redeeming love; please contact Hands on Missions about this trip. Please click below to learn updates which are occurring monthly.