Malawi, Africa

Missionary: Lyson Daud

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We have been working in Malawi and Kenya Africa for nearly 15 years.  Our main call is to reach out into the Muslim Yao Villages located around the southern portion of Lake Malawi.  We do this primarily by taking teams to show the Jesus Film. From these crusades local churches are started. We assist local pastors to help them with the ongoing ministry.  We also need people who feel called to work with the precious Malawian children. There are many children that come to these outreaches and we need help to reach them. We are currently trying to complete a mission house that will help us to take larger teams to Malawi.  In Kenya we work in the western portion of the country with village outreach, children's ministry, leadership training, and light construction.


Tanzania, Africa

Missionary: Michael Titus J-LIFE

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Hands on Missions is happy to partner with Michael Titus and J-Life Ministries. In the past 5 years, this ministry has served the Muslim Communities near Dar Salaam. They also work with the Masai Tribe people through church and outdoor evangelism. J- Life works within these communities through private education facilities, block parties, public school evangelism, along with training new pastors to take the Gospel to additional communities. This ministry has produced several thousand converts with the Gospel.